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We make the difference

We do what we say we do – we truly do care for what you wear. Our culture is reflected in everything we do, from processing your workwear in Production to delivering on time, demonstrating top class customer service and doing it all with a smile. We believe in looking after our people, as a happy workforce means happy customers.

Visits in person

Each customer has a dedicated Customer Service Executive to look after their account. It’s their job to ensure you are happy with the level of service being provided, so they will agree a schedule with you whereby they will visit your site to answer any queries you may have.

Premier upgrade

If you have a 36-month contract, you don’t have to wait until the end of your contract to get brand new garments. Upgrade at 30 months to ensure your staff look their best. It would mean fewer repairs, helps to maintain your corporate image, keeps your wearers safe and boosts your staff morale.

Money back guarantee

If we do not meet our service standards under stock issues, we will give free service for the garment set concerned, equivalent to the number of weeks overdue. If in any one month, we fail to meet any of our service standards (except for stock issues) we will give you a credit of 5% of your monthly invoice, up to a total of £100.00.

If you’d like to chat to one of our sales executives call us on 0800 592 254