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Could you save with a managed workwear service?

Think a professional workwear service isn’t worth the cost? 

The truth is, having your workwear managed for you doesn’t have to be expensive – and when you weigh up what you’ll save in terms of time, energy, manpower and resources, outsourcing your workwear provision could prove to be the most economical option for your business.

Here’s 10 reasons why you’re better off using a professional workwear service:

1. It’s cost effective.

Do it yourself and costs can mount up – equipment needed, high utility costs involved, expensive maintenance costs and possible extra labour needed to take care of it all.
Using a rental provider eliminates these added costs and logistics. In fact, you might be surprised at just how affordable a rental workwear service can be.

2. Efficient

What you might spend in payment for a service, you make up for in extra time, energy and focus being redirected to other areas of your business. You’ll likely see increased productivity and performance as a result.

3. Easy to track

Online reporting and sophisticated barcoding systems enable garments to be tracked, repaired and monitored. It means workwear items don’t get lost – another added expenditure – and your garments always remain in stock.

4. Health & safety compliant

Laundering garments to strict food and hygiene regulations is imperative.
 Workwear services use state-of-the-art laundering facilities, including individual garment laundering specification, to clean items to the strictest food hygiene health and safety standards.

5. Reliable

Laundering, delivering and re-stocking your workwear can be a logistical nightmare – a managed workwear service takes these pressures away and ensures items are delivered on time to any location. At Johnsons Apparelmaster, it’s part of our customer commitment guarantee.

6. A tailored service

In every sense. Garments to fit every individual, with alterations made before delivery and contracts to meet any business need. A managed service can provide flexible workwear options from tailored contracts to straightforward rental to outright-buys.

7. Measured

Barcoding allows for the real-time recording and measuring of factors such as how many times each item has been washed and how many times it has been repaired. 
It also produces quick and easy compliance and audit trails, invaluable when it comes to securing new contracts.

8. Forecastable

With sophisticated online billing systems available, costs are transparent and can be measured and forecasted. Which means that when it comes to reviewing your annual spend you won’t be hit by additional, unforeseen costs.

9. Assured quality control

You get what you pay for. That means high performing, durable, cleaned and maintained workwear, as and when you need it. Our quality control includes a “find it fix it” approach to garment repairs, a strict hygiene code of practice, quality fabric care and the use of a key performance indicators system – compiled by our customers themselves.

10. Pick-up and delivery included

Getting your clean overalls to your worksite shouldn’t be a hassle you need to deal with. A fully managed service ensures your overalls are delivered onsite, on time and are restocked so you never have to do without. 

It’s all part of the service – when it comes to choosing a workwear provider, a good customer relationship shouldn’t be underestimated. It was the key reason a car garage customer switched to our service from their previous regular supplier. Unlike other workwear providers, our representative visited the customer on-site. Building a strong client relationship was paramount for both parties – it gave the customer an opportunity to learn how Johnsons Apparelmaster could tailor a contract to suit their needs, while allowing our representative to better understand the client’s business, how it was run and what was required. 

Our customer now enjoys the benefits of a rental service for their company coveralls, along with the provision of a mat and roller towels – with a trusted customer representative to manage their workwear needs.