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What’s happened to our paint sprayers’ overalls?

There are so many logistical aspects to a managed workwear service that the possibility of something going wrong is enough to put many companies off using a rental laundry service, or even providing workwear.

This doesn’t have to be the case – after all, a rental service is there to take away the hassle and stress of managing your own workwear needs for you. It comes down to choosing a supplier that has the logistics, capabilities and experience behind them to provide a service that you can’t do without.

So how can you combat workwear issues and stop them from manifesting? Here’s how Johnsons Apparelmaster helped a prestige car manufacturer to rectify issues that arose when using their previous supplier:

A matter of shrinkage. Our client’s previous contractor used a third party laundry provider that damaged their paint sprayers’ overalls when shrinkage occurred during the drying process.

Be wary of a company that uses third party providers, who can get things wrong, or can be used for blame. Research what machinery your supplier uses to back up any claims - modern machinery can ensure that shrinkage never occurs and reduces the margin for error. Our £6.5 million state-of-the-art facilities launder each garment depending on its exact care label specification so damage doesn’t arise from laundering.

Quality control – it’s in the name. It’s not about doing the minimum possible to ensure mistakes are avoided – it’s about going above and beyond. A below-par service, like that experienced by our client, does little to build trust and confidence in your supplier.

At Johnsons Apparelmaster, we operate a 3-way highlighting procedure to ensure repairs that are needed are never ignored. In fact, 87% of our repairs are conducted without request, due to our “found it, fixed it” ethos – it means the problem is fixed for you before you knew it was there. If you'd like to learn more about our repair procedure and how it could reduce your costs, get in touch.

The importance of an audit. When our client came to us, a recent manual audit had been conducted. However, it didn’t concur with the tracking system used by the previous supplier, so garments shown to be on site were in fact missing, resulting in insufficient stock.

Audits don’t have to be time-consuming - Johnsons Apparelmaster use live information from our laundry, driven by a sophisticated bar coding system, that gives unique access to the details of each wearer. It means our tracking system is accurate, efficient and up to date – and there is no need to have to carry out manual audits.

When communication breaks down. Our client had found communication with their previous supplier to be challenging – so how do you ensure that communication channels don’t break down in the future?

There is a need for regular contact, a transparent service and a team that are on hand to answer queries as and when they arise. For this client, we provided an experienced Customer Service Executive to manage the account and visit the client on a mutually beneficial call rota, as well as an On Premise Distributor to visit the site on a weekly basis – a managed service via onsite personnel.

The guarantee of stock. If you pay for a service, you expect the stock to be there. Our client was given impractical lead times on their paint sprayers’ garments, which meant they weren’t provided with the stock they required when needed.

Your workwear provider should manage your expectations and have a suitable plan in place to meet your requirements. For this client, we were able to produce a document showing current stocks over a 4-week period to demonstrate our standard stock-holding of garments.

Challenges concerning workwear do, inevitably, arise – but a managed rental service should still deliver on expectations and provide the right standard of care. If you’d like to talk to a member of our team about how to better manage your workwear needs, we’d be more than happy to help – just call 0800 592 254 or fill out a call back form.