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Are you proud of the way your staff look?

Historically, workwear was designed for durability and safety in the workplace. In the 1970’s the trend was towards disposable, paper and plastic overalls to protect workers’ everyday clothes and keep people safe. But let’s be honest, they didn’t look great! 

Things have moved on a lot since then and rather than issuing workwear to simply protect workers from moving parts, oil, dirt and cross contamination, effectively treating it as a ‘tool’, companies are now more focused on style and image. 

Corporate workwear has evolved to encompass fashion, corporate colour schemes, more attractive yet resilient fabrics and a desire for improved standards of hygiene, increasing demand for a commercial rental service in the process.

Competitive advantage

In our experience, companies operating in a competitive environment benefit directly from issuing staff with smart, clean uniforms. Trade buyers and consumers are influenced by what they see and a smart, well turned-out workforce promotes confidence that standards are high and the company is well run. 

Employees respond well to being kitted out with a regular fresh supply of well-maintained workwear. It gives them a sense of pride and belonging, as well as influencing how they feel about their employers and their own personal performance. 

Customers often report that sales are up as a result of issuing smart new uniform, delivering a rapid return on the investment made. 

Workwear has since spread from the factory floor to offices and receptions, augmenting the company image and giving customers a seamless experience when dealing with any member of staff. Staff respond well too and are arguably more productive when equipped with a freshly laundered, smart uniform. 

Style is of course important and increasingly we see companies updating their corporate clothing in line with fashion trends. It makes a statement that they are a progressive company, keeps staff happy and comfortable when wearing their uniform and is an effective way to portray success and refresh the company image.

Rental workwear – a value-add service

Given that a well presented workforce is good for company reputation and can directly influence sales, the rental workwear market is tuned in to providing a service that takes away the hassle of providing regularly laundered high quality workwear. 

Rather than holding stocks of uniform and tying up costs, workwear rental providers take care of supply and demand so there is no need to hold excess stock and new employees receive their uniforms without delay. 

Repairs and maintenance are taken care of, so workwear that may pose a risk to health and safety is mended and stubborn stains removed before being issued again. Rental companies take on the responsibility of adhering to stringent safety regulations so their customers don’t have to. It allows those companies to focus on the important aspects of running their business, safe in the knowledge that a regular supply of clean and safe workwear is taken care of. 

For any business to move with the times, there’s a strong case for updating corporate workwear and indeed outsourcing laundry and maintenance. Add to that the distinct competitive advantage gained from portraying a professional public image and it makes sound commercial sense to invest in attractive modern workwear.