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Fantastic project for Johnsons Exeter with Men in Sheds

Fantastic project for Johnsons Exeter with Men in Sheds

If you love a bit of rest and recreation in your garden shed, take a look at how we’re helping this fabulous project ‘Men in Sheds’ in Exeter…

Older people are especially vulnerable to loneliness and isolation and that’s why our Exeter plant is

delighted to support their local Age UK’s Men in Sheds service to support older men who want to get

together and share and learn new skills – all in the welcoming space of a ‘Shed’.

Our Exeter-based customer service coordinator Craig Wilkins and new business coordinator Jenny

Shepherd recently visited Men in Sheds to donate unused mats and old roller towels. Age UK Exeter

has a shop in the city centre where men enjoy spending a few hours a week helping to upcycle

donated tools and garden equipment and creating goods to sell. They make items, such as bird

boxes, planters and benches, from donated recycled materials, whilst enjoying a cup of tea and a


Age UK Exeter have also set up Tools company to support men who found the Shed inaccessible and

needed a buddy to help them in the workshop, giving them the same opportunity to be part of the


Craig can be seen handing over the no longer used Johnsons products to Ray Hood and

Bob Loggie from Men in Sheds. The mats will be used in the shop and the roller towels will be cut up

and used as rags for the project.