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We’re celebrating National Laundry Day on 15th April 2019

We’re celebrating National Laundry Day on 15th April 2019

National Laundry Day has been celebrated in the US for hundreds of years and, last year, this celebratory day crossed the miles and started to gain interest with people in the UK, especially on social media.

This year, Johnsons Apparelmaster is focusing on National Laundry Day to highlight some facts and figures about our company, the industry, its history and why it’s so important day-to-day for businesses and for our economy:

  • 1800's - Emmett Lee Dickinson, inventor of the laundry basket on wheels, named 15 April as National Laundry Day
  • 1908 – first electric-powered washing machine was introduced by the Hurley Machine Company of Chicago and invented by Alva J Fisher
  • The sector supports 43,370 jobs
  • The sector contributes £260m in Exchequer contributions
  • Over 53 million items are processed to end users in the UK
  • Just 1 hotel with 100 rooms gets through 750 pieces of linen a day
  • Most UK manufacturers require protective garments and production lines would come to a standstill after 3 days of not receiving any new workwear
  • The Johnson Group acquired the exclusive licence to use the Apparelmaster garment rental system in 1973, changing the history, style and character of uniform and workwear processing and rental service delivery in the UK
  • Johnsons Apparelmaster processes over 1.3 million garments each week
  • We employ over 2,250 people
  • Johnsons Apparelmaster has given hundreds of employees access to vocational qualifications and recognises their invaluable contribution to the business

So, this year on National Laundry Day, we’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to the unsung heroes of the national economy – in the laundries, offices, and out in the field - our very own Johnsons Apparelmaster staff.

  • Socio-economic figures from the Regeneris/Textile Services Association 2017 Economic Value of the Textile Services Industry Report