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Caring for the Construction Industry

In the construction industry, workers can be exposed to a variety of hazardous environments. Your employees could be regularly operating heavy machinery, lifting heavy materials and even working at extremely hot temperatures; exposure to welding sparks and molten metal requires the best possible protective wear on the market. 

We have customers in the engineering sector, steel works and many more. Our Sales Executives have been specially trained on the EN Standards for protective workwear including coveralls, trousers, aprons, jackets and more. 

Only using fabrics that offer a superior level of protection and comfort, our workwear gives you the confidence to work safely, move freely and feel comfortable. A garment can be processed up to 50 times to assess the level of colour loss and shrinkage and then tested to ensure it still meets EN standards. 

We also have an extensive knowledge on Personal Protective Equipment including boots, hats, gloves, ear and eye care. We can kit your workforce out from head to toe, advising on health and safety regulations to give you the peace of mind that your employees are fully protected.