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Caring for the Wholesale and Distribution Industry

In such a fast paced working environment, we know that time is of extreme importance to our customers in the wholesale and distribution industry.

Ensuring that your workforce always has a clean set of garments is key, so we can work closely with you to determine when your delivery can take place and the frequency of the delivery. We are also transparent from start to finish so you can always check where your workwear is through our Extranet. Unique in our industry, customers are able to monitor their account online with the ability to track garments, request repairs and alterations and observe usage with real time reports.

With a huge range of employees from shop floor to warehouse, we know that a variety of garments is often needed. In a customer facing environment, we can offer smart, branded and personalised workwear for your employees. In a warehouse or perhaps for your delivery drivers, workwear has to be more robust, comfortable and protective.

We also have an extensive knowledge on Personal Protective Equipment including boots, hats, gloves, ear and eye care. We can kit your workforce out from head to toe, advising on health and safety regulations to give you the peace of mind that your employees are fully protected.